Feb-healthy-heart-2Ashfab Nutrition for Heart health

Smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, stress, high blood cholesterol, poor diet and lack of exercise have a huge effect on the condition of your heart health. No matter what age you are, keeping your heart healthy is vital and by implementing a clean living life style, minimising your saturated fats such as dairy, animal meat, fried and processed foods, moving your body daily, and staying away from smoking you can help prevent and manage heart disease.

It is important to monitor your cholesterol and keep it in the lower level range. Chloesterol is made up from 2 sources; the liver and your diet. Make sure you minimise your alcohol and junk food intake that cause havoc on your liver and encourage high quality nourishment in your body. Here is a typical day of Ashfab Nutrition for heart heath that will keep it healthy and lower your cholesterol.


Superfood smoothie made with blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, kale, coconut water, and chia seeds.


Handful of almonds with cup of green tea.


Spinach and cucumber salad topped with sliced strawberries and poppy seeds with olive oil and lemon juice.


Beet, Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice with sliced red pepper and hummus.


Poached salmon with sautéed greens and peppermint tea.


Large Handful of purple grapes

 Ashley xoxo