organizer-791939_640 Ever since I was a little girl, or as soon as I could spell my name, I was an avid collector of notebooks, pens, journals, diaries, or any stationary that screamed cute, sparkles and pink. I remember having a diary with a lock on it, writing about boys I fancied, things I wanted like the latest keds kicks, a pony, or generally if something or someone was bothering me.

Today at 33 still a stationary addict… I have forged together the best of the two, not quite a diary discussing all details of my life, but merely an organiser meets journal that I use every single day. I simply purchase a bright and stylish note book that has blank pages in it and fill out 3 categories every day/night, like this;

Mantra: my alarm goes off around 7am, minutes after I will put on a guided meditation with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey which includes a different daily mantra/affirmation – write it out in bold letters, e.g.” My beliefs give me the life I want” or “I am grateful for divine manifestations” as I look at the notebook throughout the day, the first thing I will see is a postive, uplifting, mantra/affirmation, which is a great mood booster and reminder how amazing everything is today.

Gratitude list: Here I will write down 3-5 things I am grateful for today, anything from I am grateful for my amazing friends, my amazing husband, my amazing family, vibrant health, hot water, sunshine, ect. It can be anything that is evident or simple things. Counting your blessings on a daily basis, and being grateful with what you have – not what you don’t have. This good will not only flourish but create more abundance in your life.

Goals and tasks:I write out my goals & tasks every night before bed, so when I wake up in the morning and open my book, I see everything that I need to accomplish that day, like edit a video, write an article, recipe ideas/scripts for youtube, meeting with mrs. x , brain storm on present and future projects/programs, spend some time on my book,  arrange sitter for my dog, order new towels for the house, yoga, and so on. This way it is all written down. I will start with the most important tasks and make my way to the least important. By writing out your list the night before you will sleep much better, and have less worries before dozing off.

Here are 3 reasons why you should start being grateful & goal digging

1) Helps gets you closer to your dreams: Having dreams, goals, and desires is what makes your life worth living, more exciting, and fufilled. By having a morning mantra/affirmation;  it is a natural mood booster, motivator and reminder how amazing everything is today or can and will be. Simply search positive affirmations, listen to Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s mediations for inspiration or create your own… like “There are no limitations to my happiness and I can do anything my heart yearns for, “I listen to my intuition and allow myself to experience the flow of wherever life takes me” and so on.

2) It Keeps you organised: Being organised, means less stress, anxiety, bad moods, and forgetfulness. By writing out your to-do lists the night before you will keep on top of everything on the work, home, social, and personal care front. Another tip is using different coloured pens for the categories.

3) It puts the P in being persistent, positive and patient: Since using a gratitude, affirmation, goal orientated journal, I feel more positive, patient and persistent in all areas of of my life. I am more mindful, upbeat, and goal oriented. Whatever your tasks, short or long term goals, small steps is what creates big results, so do something every day that will take you closer to that goal.

As September is just around the corner, it’s a great month to give your life a fresh start for new challenges and changes to adopting healthier haibts, and the perfect time to start a goal digging/gratitude journal. So why not treat yourself to a slick, stylish new note book and get started today putting those dreams into a plan.

” Don’t dream your life, live your dreams” 

Ashley xoxo