Although I am a huge book worm, have been since the age of 2.. 😉 no joke !  There are some books that made a big impact on who and where I am today.  There are still tons of books I will talk about but these are the 3 books that changed my life in a positive way, if you haven’t read them! Order them today! You won’t regret it! 

Success principles

I was recommended this “thought and action provoking book” by my gorgeous friend Mimi Bouchard, back in march this year…and now am reading it for the 3rd time since spring. I was hooked from the first page, and this book has become my go-to motivating/ lift me up/ I can conquer the world bible… and each time I have read it, I learn something new, and get inspired in another way; you feel so motivated to go kick A$$ and dream big!
As I am on a self exploration, self love, self success, self improvement journey, this is a practical and inspiring guide to help transform yourself for success. Everything from how your mind works, to exercises that help flex that muscle; Jack Canfield speaks in a language that everyone can understand and relate too, not to complex, but not too O.T.T mushy, motivation lingo. I wish I would of known about this book back in my teens, when I was so confused as to what I wanted to be and do ….(an A-list actress, kindergarten teacher, dietician, and fashion stylist) LOL… This book is for any body at any age! 18 or 80 it is never to late to follow your dreams and pursue them whether its running an empire or running a marathon, it is up to us to just do it! I like the fact that he reminds us that where ever we are today, is because of our thoughts and actions, so if you want to be somewhere else, you got to change your thoughts and actions!
It gives you the inspiration and motivation that it doesn’t matter what you do and where you come from, you have the power to do and anything you want.


The Secret: I read this back September 2010, right around the time I was going through a pretty bad break up. By no means a break up/relationship advice self help book, but definitely exactly the type of uplifting kinda read I needed at that time! I recently decided to reread it again after 6 years dusty in my library and I forgot how effective, powerful and insightful it was. Whereever you are in your life today, is exactly because of your thoughts and beliefs. Life cannot always be easy and breezy, but I know if you focus on what you want, act as if you already have it, believe in yourself, ask the universe wholeheartedly,  I know magic will appear in your life. Your inner world creates your outworld so even if tough times arise, or life is not going the way you want, you are the author of your life, so you need to be in charge of your thoughts, and dream big, and enjoy the journey today! “What you think about you bring about” A great exercise is creating a vision board, with things that you want in your life, from job, house, wardrobe, family, car, ocean view? city living? ect create it to the very last detail and place it somewhere visible you can see daily.I will not wait another 6 years to read this! more like 6 months 🙂


Feel the fear and do it anyways

A friend of mine recommended this to me back in 2012, I got through it so quickly I actually I read at least 2 more times that year, as it was such a easy read. Susan Jeffers writes it so well, you feel like you are sitting at the table with her giving you some great life advice, and I love the fact that she has a diverse range real life stories of men and women that were fearful of so many different things such as public speaking; asserting yourself; making decisions; being alone; intimacy; changing jobs; interviews; going back to school; ageing; ill health; driving; dating; ending a relationship; losing a loved one; becoming a parent; leaving home, failure, believing in yourself and being able to over come it.
Eight months later, I turned 30, made a decision to leave my cushy/ decently paid 9-6 job, and go back to school to study Nutrition, getting honours and certified in 2 courses, as a Integrative Nutrition health coach and a Registered nutritionist….
Was it scary? YES….to jump into the unknown, take a big risk, not knowing where I would do after, and ultimately leaving the financial security. Was it worth it? YES! It felt like I had ripped the bandaid off, I felt free, full of life, and so excited to pursue my passions in health and wellness. I decided to focus and put all my energy into creating content to inspire organic healthy living…Three years later, I am the founder of Ashfab Nutrition; an online destination for nutrition information, health, wellness and beauty tips, product reviews, interviews of fabulous women, recipes and cooking videos, The soon to be author of Feed yourself fabulous, a healthy food and nutrition consultant, health talk cooking host on youtube, as well health and beauty contributor for Lumity life and Health bloggers magazine. Obviously there are days when I feel I still have ways to go to reach my goals, but when I look back and see what I have achieved, I have to remind myself to celebrate all my achievements, and it was this book that really gave me the courage to not be afraid and just go for it, so thank you Susan 🙂 If you have something that is eating away at you, its been on your mind, are afraid and fearful of…. go and order this book now!


Ashley xoxoxo