Today, I would like to introduce to all my Ashfabbers the beautiful, biz-minded, fellow girl boss, Sofie Von Marricks, whom I met through Instagram, and instantly had a connection more than just “liking” photos.

Her ambitious, generous, fun loving spirit is contagious, and I am already looking forward to the day, I hear “POP, CLINK, FIZZ” to finally enjoy some proper girly champagne time together.  

In life, these are the kind of girls you need, ones that truly believe in you, inspire, motivate and encourage you that you can do anything you want! 

Let’s get to know the fabulous Sofie:

1)  Tell me about yourself Sofie, what do you do? 

I’m a lifestyle + business coach that helps women monetize their passions, build a stylish brand, and a life that they LOVE. I believe that every woman has a RIGHT to live a life where she feels hot, rich, and full of “bitchy” confidence, and I LOVE connecting women with a career where they get paid to be them and do just that.

2) When did you launch Hot rich love your life bitch? and how long before did you want to have your own buisness?

I launched Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch officially as a business in June 2015 and I had the idea for it for SEVEN YEARS before ever doing anything about it. In the meantime I tried so many different other businesses: online stores, making/selling products, graphic design, MLMs, event planning ,etc..

3) What are common concerns for girls having their own online business? and what are your top tips on a successful biz?

Common concerns for women starting their own online business are
+ fear of putting themselves out there
+ unsure how to be “authentic’ online
+ overwhelm and the feeling they need to do everything themselves
+ and MONEY – your relationship with money effects everything from how/when you get paid, to self-worthiness, to even putting your own money issues onto prospective clients.

My TOP TIPS for succeeding online business are
+ find mentors – in person, online, hire one, use youtube, audiobooks…wherever
+ find an uber-stylish brand that FEELS good and feels pro
+ invest and hire out things that are not in your zone of genius
+ be you, be remarkable, and don’t even bother unless you LOVE it because it won’t pan out

4) What health/ beauty products would you find in your handbag right now?

Oribe texturizing spray for a confidence boost in my hair, Buxom lip glosses, mini MAC fix+ spray to refresh the skin…that’s it. I keep it simple!

5) What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

Breakfast: I keep it consistent so I don’t have to think about it, I can enjoy my AM and ease into work.
I always eat 2 hardboiled eggs with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.
Water + my ONE coffee of the day: vanilla nespresso pod with unsweetened almond milk

Lunch: I either have leftovers from dinner the night before or I keep the fridge stocked with Happy Planet soups. I’ll eat them with cooked quinoa that we always try to have in the fridge for more protein.

In the afternoon I’ll have tea and some sort of snack. Whatever is around: apples, nuts, dried figs, chips and salsa, or even another mini portion of lunch (which I fit into a small dish).

Dinner: My husband and I both love to cook. It’s often grilled wild salmon, a grain (quinoa, farro, wild rice) and green veggies (bok choy, broccolini). Love pasta on the weekends. Also make a lot of stews. We very rarely eat meat at home, I love making veggie recipes!

6) How important is healthy eating and exercise for you?

Super important! When I first started my biz I was forgetting meals and not exercising at all. And I got burnt out fast.

I schedule my workouts in advance to make SURE I give myself a break in the day and to plan around them.

Because I’ve been eating this way for so long, when I eat unhealthy food I really feel like I have the flu after. My body gets shocked. It’s not worth it!

When I eat well and work out, I’m more productive, focused in my work day, in a better mood, better health. It’s everything.

7) How long have you been seeing clients? and what is the best part of your job?
I’ve been seeing clients since May 2015 and I love it. The best part is seeing the amazing things that my clients are doing and when they are able to do things that they once only dreamt of: quit their jobs, double/triple their income, and just hearing how much more confidence and purpose they have. I love being able to show them off! It’s already in them, but together we bring it out.

8) Favourite city break?

PARIS. My husband and I love it so much. We love to eat, walk, and people watch.

9) Favourite beach break?

I need to do more beach breaks. I love South Beach, and loved the beaches in Phuket.
We loved Positano for our Honeymoon too.

10) What is your favourite quote?

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to be” – Diane Von Furstenberg

11) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? and what is next for Hot rich

In five years I see myself having published a couple of books, be hosting live events, and helping people live a Hot Rich Life en masse!

Coming up next is out Hot Rich Humble retreat in Bali in April 2017 (, my first book, group programs for women who want a biz or want to change their lives in other ways. At the moment I’ve only been working one on one and I’m excited to make it more of a community.

12)  What do you like to do on your time off?

Make fresh pasta, eat seafood towers, watch old movies, ride bicycles, dinner parties.

13 ) Describe yourself in 3 words?

Refreshing, powerful and fun

14) Best advice from one Hot rich love your life bitch?

Best advice is figure out how you want to FEEL as your hottest, richest, bitchiest self, and do whatever you can to feel that way NOW.

15) What defines a Hot rich bitch?

A Hot Rich Bitch is someone who lives a hot and healthy life, sees the glass overflowing full, and is self-aware and has unconditional self-love.

She owns her power to live a life she chooses, stays in her own lane, makes decisions from a place of love, puts herself first, lifts others up, and knows how to celebrate every day life.

That’s her in a nutshell. I love her!

Thank you so much Sofie!  TO learn more about Sofie and her business,  check out her website