In todays modern day living, life can feel more stressful, hectic, or just simply out of balance. The to-do lists are getting longer, time seems to disappear more quickly, and your sense of well-being can feel completely off. It is not always realistic that life will be smooth sailing. Tough times can arise, finance problems could take a toll, health issues may come up or just general real life adult living like paying bills, having babies, or perhaps a bad relationship may come up. Here are five key points that could boost more balance in your life, and help you have inner peace.

So when life is chaotic from the outside, your inner self will be able to handle almost anything that comes your way.

1) Self care is your best health care: Putting yourself and your priorities first will have a huge impact on your relationships, work and family members. If you are constantly putting others, events and time before yourself, this is when you will start to feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and out of balance. Set aside time for yourself for the things you love, like yoga, reading, tennis, massages ect, the more you nourish yourself with things you love, the more you can give love to your surroundings.

2) Meditate your worries away: Meditation can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. It lowers blood pressures, clears and calms your mind, reduces stress, and boosts your mood and memory. Waking up 15- 20 minutes early every morning to meditate is a great way to start your day, and boost your peace of mind and balance in your life. I highly recommend checking out,  I love switching up my library with him and Oprah Winfreys guided mediation which focus on different inspirational aspects.
3) Gratitude and Goal digging journal: Get yourself a cute and colourful blank journal, and write down the 3 categories: mantra, gratitude list, goal/tasks. Before you go to bed read through the goals and tasks you have the next day; you go to bed worry free and conquer everything that day, starting first thing, on that same page first thing in the morning write down a positive mantra/affirmation like “My happiness has no limitations and I can do anything my heart yearns for” or think of something uplifting and upbeat. Next write down 3-5 things you are grateful for, the more gratitude you have in your life, the more you will have in your life. Having a gratitude/goal will help you achieve more in your life as well as attract more abundance in your life by counting your blessings, and appreciating all life has to offer. You will feel more organized, happy, and fulfilled by adding this habit to your life.
4) Batch similar activities together: I was guilty of doing everything so erratic and wrong not so long ago, I would start creating content for my business than start going through emails, which would than throw me of my creative concentration. Start with your biggest tasks first, or in other words “eat that frog first” by going through your biggest tasks, you can leave the smaller tasks until the end of the day. This goes for exercise, I treat exercise like appointments, I put them in my diary on the sunday, and work my work/social calendar around that. When you are 100% committed to get results you will put 100% into it, no excuses.
Learn how to say No: I was the queen of saying yes to everything not so long ago, and am still getting use to saying the big N word.  I would end up saying yes to all social events/engagements or entertaining every visitor that would come through London, only to feel completely frazzled and burned out. After reading “The life changing magic art of not giving a f*ck by Sarah Knight” a book based on only saying yes to things that give us joy, and learning how to say no to things that you feel like you ‘have’ to it made saying no alot easier.  Bottom line, put you and your priorities first;  your dearest friends and family will understand and still love you 🙂

“Being out of balance can have significant effects on all aspects of your life. Create harmony in your life and establish a healthy rhythm that is sustainable and feels good to you.” Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Ashley xoxo