AshNow that it is January, a time where people like to lose those xmas pounds, start new fitness goals, and get back into shape, it is also a great time to give your skin some extra TLC in the new year.
Although the skin trend for a flawless, glowing skin never really goes out of style, the most important component to achieve these results is to first aim for “ healthy” skin, the health of your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside. Skin that is uneven, pale, blotchy, prone to breakouts and prominent wrinkles  are signals your inside health is not up to optimal levels.

Here are my top 7 tips for healthy skinimage-1

1) Beauty sleep: The amount and quality of your sleep has a huge impact on the health of your skin. Anything under 7 hours can cause immediate signs of ageing, puffy eyes, prominent wrinkles, or acne prone skin; make it a habit to begin a night time routine, I suggest at least 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and  cozy comforting bed time rituals will help with a sounds, restful sleep.

2) Ditch the cigarettes: whether its a a puff at a party, or a pack a day, smoking is smoking, and no matter how much botox or botching you may do in the future, smoking will only progress the signs of ageing, good bye glow, and think saggy, dull looking skin.

3)  9-11 servings of Fruit and veg a day: 1 servings = 1/2 cup or 2 small handfuls,  now you may be wondering how to consume this amount… well simply start your day with a green smoothie.. that is around is 4-5 servings, add lemon to your mineral water 1 serving, fresh soups or a salads 2-3 servings, supper side dishes 2-3 servings, and super juices made with lots of veggies and minimal fruit 4-5 servings. Easily= 9-11 a day! Add in good stuff to crowd out the bad stuff ..BOOM! 

4) Hydration-: Sip at least 8-10 glasses of mineral water, veggie juice, and herbal teas a day, it is vital that you hydrate yourself properly for optimal cellular health, the size and shapes of your cells is a reflection of your skin health, if they are plump, hydrated, and nourished, chances are your skin is plump, hydrated and healthy looking.

5) Implement my beauty food feasting approach: Focus on a diet is dominated by fruit, veggies, legumes, gluten free whole grains, nuts, seeds, superfoods, and small amounts of wild fish, organic poultry, and moderates amount of grass fed beef. Foods containing gluten, cows milk and refined and “fake sugar” are irritating to the gut, so if your diet dominated by foods containing Gluten, cows milk , and refined sugar foods, chances are your skin is not as healthy as it could look and feel. For recipes head to Ashfab Nutrition on youtube.

6) Protect: Whether you live in London with little sunlight or LA with daily sunshine, either way, your skin is still exposed to UVA light every day, and over exposed sun and smoking are two things that are not reversible even with cosmetic treatment. So ditching the ciggys, and applying a light SPF every morning will do wonders for your skin for the future health of our skin, I love the vitamin C +30 by Dr. Murad and also the +50 by Epionce.

7) Lumity life: is the ground breaking anti-ageing supplement that combats the 9 causes of ageing
( Glycation, cellular debris, oxidation, telomere shortening, dna damage, inflammation, cellular energy decline, insulin resistance, and hormonal decline leads to prominent wrinkles, decreased hair and nail quality, lower energy levels and poor sleep. Ageing is inevitable however with my beauty food feasting approach + Lumity we can live longer, feel better and look younger. Contact me for more details about my Four month fab plan:



TIP* Don’t stop smiling, laughing is one of the best natural anti-ageing remedies:-) 

Ashley xoxo

LUMITY is the anti-aging breakthrough that restores youthful vitality by countering the nine causes of aging at the cellular level.