After suffering a miscarriage at 10 weeks last summer, becoming quite unwell a couple of months later, and getting some not so great tips from doctors, I decided to go on my own pregnancy path and heal holistically. Four months later I conceived naturally, mixing reiki, homeopathic remedies to rebalance my body, weekly acupuncture, and shifting my mindset to accepting what happened, letting go, and having faith in my own fertility.

Today as I sit here writing this at 17 weeks pregnant and loving the joys and tribulations of becoming a mum, I couldn’t be happier.  I simply take each day as it comes surrendering to any pregnancy symptoms that may occur like bloating, extreme lethargy, heart burn, pelvic pain, dizziness, faintness, headaches, constant peeing ect. It is very important to not only get the right amount of high quality nutrition for yourself and the baby, but also to rest, and making self care a number one priority during this sacred time. Here I share what tests, treatments, nutrition, and supplements I feel helped me holistically and naturally during this time to glow, and thrive through pregnancy.

1) High quality nutrition: I focus on a diet dominated by fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, fish, nuts, seeds, cold pressed oils, some gluten free whole grains, and occasional organic meats, and poultry. However as the baby is growing rapidly week by week, I not only strive to nourish her and I as much as I can, but also if I have cravings,  I don’t fight it, because it makes us both very happy, and I eat something that I need and want at that time that tastes good for both of us. This does not mean I’ll eat pizza or doughnuts daily, lol, however again I prioritise nourishment, but by no means deprive myself of things I fancy like pizza, pancakes, or cheeky cheetos 😉

Meal plan example:

  • Upon wakening Elixir of life lemon/ turmeric tea
  • Breakfast: Plant based smoothie made with vegan protein powder, leafy greens, berries and other super foods.
  • 2L mineral water
  • Lunch: Hearty soup, or stew, beauty gf oat bowl with fresh toppings, or sumptuous salad and tea.
  • Snack: An organic green juice HPP or made in front of me ( as raw fresh can be harmful to baby), with plant protein snack like muffin or protein ball
  • Supper: Fish, and veg, or  g.f pasta primavera, stir fry,  or a grass fed steak and greens or maybe a sour dough pizza or cooked sushi.
  • Snack: Dark chocolate and tea, or coconut yogurt with hemp seeds, pomegranates, and maple syrup sometimes ill randomly crave cereal like crunchy nut cornflakes or rice Krispies during this pr

2) High quality prenatals:

I take Garden of life once a day prenatals, premium probiotics with at least 10 billion+, vitamin D/ folic acid, vitamin B 12 spray, organic spirulina, prenatal premium DHA fish oils and magnesium spray. Also this week I will reintroduce the entire Juice plus+ range to my wellness regime. I started taking them in 2008, and had a mini break in 2017, due to the fact there is so many supplements on the market I wanted to try and test. However I am going to go back to my true love :-P….I think it is great that Juice plus+ bridges the gap between what I do and don’t, is pregnant friendly, a whole food based supplement and maximises a nutrition from food the I consume….. and I want as much nourishment for the baby and I during this time.

3) Holistic Therapies and treatments: I went for a vega test in October, and couldn’t believe some of the imbalances that were found, that doctors never detected, they were nothing serious, but to rejuvenate fertility I wanted to get to the bottom of it all after the miscarriage, and why I was feeling so unwell, after being prescribed homeopathic medicine I felt back to myself within a month. I also started weekly acupuncture in October which is wonderful i recommend to all women out there on a fertility journey,  I have continued still to today. I booked my first reiki session in the fall which I was blown away by, and couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after wards, I try to go 1-2x a month now, it helps with my inner emotional, mental and spiritual health which is as important as your physical health. After 12 weeks I am also back to pregnancy messages, you can become more sore, achy, and sensitive during pregnancy, so the amount I’m not spending on going out and drinking, I am putting towards self care remedies which melts away tension and stress…..happy wife happy life, i say 😉

4) Skincare: My motto is always always invest in your self, skin and spirit. So not only have I always made my skincare regime a priority, I pay extra attention with natural nourishing organic ingredients that I make myself during this time ( Ashì organics will be available soon online), however if I can recommend one multipurpose product for mamas to be, load up on organic coconut oil from head to toe, and for extra nourishment, lather on moringa, argan or almond oil on your face for a mega TLC skin session. Make time for your skin, its a mega self loving, self care good habit to have.

5) Movement: Just because I am pregnant, doesn’t mean I stop moving, I pencil in at least 5-6 x a week. The first trimester I did more yoga classes like hatha, and yin, combined with pilates reformer with some modifications, than from 12 weeks, I reintroduced vinyasa yoga again with some minor adjustments that are baby friendly. By doing daily brisk walks with our dog, and scheduling classes in like appointments even if its a gentle yoga, or sound bath mediation , I know its nourishment for both of us, and helps me stay strong both physically, emotionally and spiritually. So try to move daily for at least 20 minutes.

6) Mindfulness Mama: When you begin to practise mindfulness you really want to focus on being here now, living in the present, paying attention to what is going on now, and simply being aware of the beauty that surrounds you.The more you become mindful of your thoughts, feelings, breaths and behaviours, the more lightness you will experience in your mind, body, soul and spirit. You will feel more connected and aligned to your true self. It is important to not be harsh or judgmental to your own thoughts. Mindfulness does require dedication and determination, however with practise, you begin to make more effort to be mindful of your thoughts, breaths, and feelings. You start to manage mental, emotional and spiritual health with mindfulness, helping you feel more joyful, happy, uplifted, enthusiastic,and peaceful from within.
When you begin to change your thoughts from the inside and become more conscious,  it will have a profound effect in a positive way on the outer aspects of  your life. So set a side time daily for at least 20 minutes of mediation, (download apps like chopra mediation and insight app) as well schedule in some time with you and your mat for yoga, you combine breathing moving and mediation in one, a win win situation.

As a wellness enthusiast and holistic health advocate, I will forever be on this journey to improving my life and share it with those around me, even more so now becoming a mummy. I am on mission to eat and feel my best today and every day, and when I know I’m eating and feeling amazing, I’m living and looking my best too, also with a baby bump. Feeling well is not just about the food we put in our mouth or the vigorous workouts at the gym, feeling balanced, beautiful, happy and healthy is a whole formula, and sometimes, struggles, and stress can take over and life is not so smooth sailing. Indulging in self-care could just be the answer to help you boost your overall sense of wellbeing  during pregnancy during this is a sacred time for both for you and baby.

Pregnancy is such a new experience for me to say the least, and the last 6 months of 2017 were not all rainbows and butterflies, from going through a miscarriage, getting sick after it and than losing a close extended family member due to unforeseen circumstances at christmas time, my pregnancy is a miracle and this baby is truly a blessing. I am beyond happy and accept all the changes in my body, moods, and not so fun symptoms that come with it, because I know my body is working to grow a healthy baby and I am forever grateful.

Ashley xoxo 

“For me wellness is the state of being in amazing physical, emotional, and spiritual health, that beautiful balance between mind, body and spirit. So it is vital we also make self care a number one priority during pregnancy and finding ways to suit your life style to optimise and boost our our health and wellbeing.”