This is one of my favourite times of year.. festive fun! It’s all about glitz, glam, eating good food, and having great fun with friends and family. However living in a place like London, you can litterally do something social every night until the 25th, which I have done back in my 20’s, and by the time christmas came around, I was not able to fully enjoy the holiday fun from having the “festive flu” aka too much indulging and lack of sleep. So I thought everyone should be able to enjoy the the festivities pre and post xmas without getting fat, sick and tired.

1) Drink wisely: As much as I enjoy a tipple or two or three, I also know the consequences…hangover from hell, dull, uneven spotty skin, low energy, and foggy brain; and during the week, I need my brain to be super switched on.  Years ago, I could go on very little sleep, work all day and do it all over again, now at 33, I pick and choose my moments, Sunday- Thursday I rarely drink on “school nights” or have no more than a couple if its a special occasion, as I know the weekend comes around quickly. So if you have social engagements during  the week, try to stay in your 14-16 units of alcohol, and stay away from sugary cocktails, vodka, and fizzy drinks like champagne if you can, the best choice is red wine, or premium gin / tequila with soda and fresh lime juice, also make sure to drink a glass of mineral water for every drink you sip on.

2) Load up on leafy greens: You may have seen me say this in a few of my posts, however, I’m really telling you to LOAD up even more during the festive fun! If you know you have a social engagement, include leafy greens at all your meals, and try to have at least 2 cold pressed green juices or smoothies pre and post party with minimal fruit in the blends! This will give you a quick hit of vitamins and minerals you need to revive and replenish nutrients lost from alcohol.

3) Skip the stodgy sugar filled nibbles: Many engagements include canapés that are heavy in gluten, cream, and sugar, and as much as they look amazing, just think of your waist band. Most of these engagements usually will have at least 1-2 healthier options, or my advice is to eat something healthy before you go out,  and only have a few naughty nibbles while you are out.  There are so many occasions that will be filled with festive food, so by the time christmas actually arrives, you will probably feel and look like santa clause …. be mindful when you are out, and fill up on whole food nutrition before you head out.

4) Siesta before fiesta: Sleep is my number one beauty secret before anything, otherwise I am a hot mess, and cranky Ashley! Lack of sleep causes bad moods, cravings, wrinkles, memory loss, and un-productvity so try to get in a 20 minute nap before heading out, if you are going directly out from work, why not pop into a massage parlour for a express neck, back and shoulder massage. It’s really amazing what a 2o minute cat nap can do, if you are suffering from a late night, again do the same, and it will definitely revive you!!

5) Ashfab party potion:  I have decided to share my secret pre and post party potion that gives you a sh** load of energy, a clear complexion, cleanses your liver, purify’s your blood, and boosts your immune system especially during this time of year! Every day mix a scoop of spirulina, pinch of turmeric, drizzle of raw honey, dash of black pepper, in  a glass of fresh orange juice ( not concentrated); this combo is rich in iron and vitamin b’s for energy, and a potent anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, immune boosting remedy to prevent the “festive flu”,  Double up the next day if you partied like it was ’99’.

Most of all, have so much fun during the festivities, be mindful, and be selective when it comes to social engagements, if you say YES to everything, by the time the 25th comes around,  you will be absolutely shattered, and look 90 years old, which does not make it fun; all in all drink sensibly, and spend time with those who matter the most.

Happy holidays!


Ashley xoxoxo