What they say?

Offering contemporary Mexican dishes based on a sharing concept around the main areas: Ensalada, Crudo, Ceviche, Tostada, Mole and Masa. The menu offers fresh flavours and ingredients that are predominantly gluten and dairy free. Highlights include: Pulpo a la Mexicana, shaved octopus, salsa Mexicana, lime and house made calamato; Taco de barbacoa, braised English lamb served with salsa de chile guajillo and Tostada de Atún, yellowfin Tuna, salsa macha and guacamole puree. A stunning variety of hand-made desserts included the classic Latin dish of Churros con chocolate.

What I say?

Peyotito opened last year, the sister restaurant to Peyote.  Within months it is one of Notting Hill’s top places to drink and dine. A modern Mexican restaurant tucked away in a cool and cozy space on Kensington park road, where you can share food, sip on the best margaritas, all while listening to some great tunes by the DJ. I took my husband as he had not tried it yet, and he was blown away by everything! It was the perfect date night…. amazing atmosphere, mouth watering food, beautiful presentation, impeccable service and delicious cocktails that went down like juice, oh and best of all, no hangover, as they were made with premium tequila and no sugar. I decided to have our waiter advise us on their favourites, and loved everything they suggested… usually I am pretty fussy when it comes to letting someone take my food orders! But the team at Peyotito know there stuff when it comes to ingredients, flavours and food.

We started with some “Skinny Margaritas” which were amazing!


 Then came my favourite; Guacamole made with avocado, lime juice, coriander and chilli;  creamy, crunchy and oh so good! I wanted seconds!


Next came the Laminado De Hamachi- A delicious plate of thinly sliced raw yellowtail, ginger vinaigrette, huitlacoche corn mushroom, and serrano chile. This was by far my favourite plate, I could have devoured it all alone….. but it is called “sharing plates”…not “hog all to myself” plates.



For ceviche, I had eaten the Blanco scallops last time I was at Peyotito which were amazing, however  I thought would I would expand my horizons, and give the Pulpo A LA Mexicana a try, which consisted of octopus, salsa mexicana, and home made clamato. This dish was fresh, full of flavour and  the perfect portion.



After we tucked into Tacos al pastor…these were as delicious as they looked ; a mix of soft, sweet, crunchy, creamy all in one made with grilled chicken, homemade adobo, pineapple, and white bean puree.


Next we indulged in the Mole de ella which combines braised beef, serrano chilli, sales verde; this was utterly mouthwatering, meltingly tender, with a rich and strong flavour. The sharing portion was more than enough for 2 people, and was the perfect savoury dish to finish off our dinner.


Lastly we decided to go for the Churros con chocolate, as it would be a crime to not leave a Mexican restaurant without indulging in some churros made with traditional pastry, cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce. Thank goodness they came as a sharing portion, ever so simple but so yummy and the perfect sweet treat to end a lovely dinner.


Overall, I could not recommend this place more! It is truly an experience! Tasty food, amazing service, delicious cocktails, fun music, and a great location…… all under one roof.  Areeba Areeba, I will be back very soon!

“ The cuisine of Peyotito is fresh, modern and flavourful, prepared with love and passion; fundamental ingredients of real modern Mexican cooking!” Adriana Cavita, Executive Sous Chef at Peyotito.

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