Tell me a bit about yourself ?

I have 20 years in the beauty industry and loving it… how time flys?, I’ve learnt a lot and gathered tons of experience over the years. I  love getting to know my clients and learning about their skin, helping them achieve their ideal skin. I do this by reading their skins past, treat their skin in the present and prepare their skin for the further.  My motto “Age Later”

What is the pillars of good skin health?

Sleep, water, a good healthy diet,  products and treatments that work for you.

Best facial you would recommend? and how often should women get them realistically

There isn’t one amazing facial to have. Your skin changes so much. So it’s about finding what treatments you can do at different times of the year. Treatments I do through the year are derma rolling ( a course of 3 two or three times a year. Radio frequency to help keep my skin firm and lifted and I do love an oxygen facial monthly but I will change my monthly facial so my skin doesn’t get too use to the same treatment

Most common skin problems you see?

Dehydration, fine lines. One leads to the other. If you tackle your dehydration it keeps a those lines at bay.

Best anti-ageing tips

It’s never too earlier or too late to start taking care of you skin. If you don’t have any skin complaints, great! But you need to keep your skin this way. So many things effect the skin so keeping ahead will help you massively. Equally don’t give up if you have seen your first line or wrinkles there’s plenty of treatments and products out there to help with your ageing. I always say to my clients. Age later!.

Favourite skin products, and there beauty benefits

Vital.C serum from Image. I believe vitamin C is essential for your daily routine It keeps my skin beautifully hydrated also Dr. Murad’ s. retinol. Retinol is a must in my nighttime routine, it’s wonderful at reversing the signs of sun damage and ageing. Helps improve texture, tightens pours and simulated blood flow and collagen production.

What is a good skin routine you recommend to clients?

Daily cleansing morning and evening followed by the corrected serums, eye cream, moisture and SPF. Weekly exfoliating plus a mask. It’s amazing to see how your skin response to a good mask once a week, and your monthly facial for something a little bit stronger with some pampering

What is the biggest mistake women make interns of there routine?

Not knowing their skin correctly. So many people are using the wrong products on their skin or even having the wrong treatments. You need to find a therapist who’s goal is your skin results who really cares about helping you.

Best advice to reverse the signs of ageing? Retinol, as I spoke before it’s an amazing products for anti ageing. Also look into some treatment like radio frequency and HIFU for lifting and firming the skin.

Favourite quote or mantra you live by?

I have two – This too shall pass. Life can be hard sometimes but the bad times don’t last, it helps me out if I’m having a bad day. The other is “Believe in yourself”,  we can be so hard in ourselves and you can be told no and you can’t or you won’t a lot. But you can do anything you really want to achieve, you have the power to change your life.

Best part of your job?

The clients and helping them to achieving their skin goals. It’s amazing to see my clients so happy when they find what works for them.

I had a facial with Aofie back in June and a spray tan in the spring, she is amazing to say the least! Such a kind hearted person who really gives you the full TLC during your session, and my skin looked and felt amazing after her gentle facial! I would highly recommend her to all you my fabulous readers in London, who love a good facial! 

Thank you so much Aofie for stopping by today!


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