Try out this easy sea salt scrub to naturally and gently  get rid of impurities and get a radiant skin: natural and organic skincare at its best!

Since I tried to create some DIY organic products I am blown away by the incredible results on my skin. Your skin absorbs about 60% of what is applied, that is why if you literally feed your skin with nourishing food you can boost your beauty.

Sea Salt Scrub


  • coconut oil
  • sea salt (prevents and repair free radicals damage)
  • pure Vitamin E oil (sold in most health shops, vitamin E is a potent antioxidant to rejuvenate your skin’s cells)


How to prepare:

  • slightly heat for 1-2 minutes about 2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil until soft and place it in a bowl
  • add a generous amount of sea salt
  • add 5 drops of pure Vitamin E oil
  • stir the paste with a small spatula until the mixture has a regular consistence
  • apply with circular motion to your skin, gently massaging upwards for a minute
  • remove it with a soft damp cloth, spray some face mist and apply your favourite moisturiser


Goodbye dullness, hello radiant skin!

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