c49eb70c-240f-4fa0-bc48-6e55069e51b8-2Recently I have been on a skin journey of trying to add natural, organic, vegan, toxic free ingredients to my regime.  There has been a quite few different brands I have experimented with, however a few have stuck out and given me incredible results.  Over the next few weeks ill be fettering my favourite natural products that give you amazing beauty benefits. 

Rosa mosqueta rosehip

What they say? Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oil has been valued for its healing and regenerative properties for centuries by the Araucanian Indians. It is made from the seeds of a wild rose (Rosa affinis Rubiginosa) found growing in the lush valleys of the Chilean Andes. The oil is naturally rich in vitamins A, C & E, and essential fatty acids (EFAs) which play an important role in skin regeneration.

What I say ? After just 3 uses of this oil, I saw immediate results! This is a fabulous natural product that nourishes your skin during the day and repairs it during the night. I have been it using morning and evening for maximum beauty benefits, and I can see a my skin is much softer, and brighter. As autumn has arrived and temperatures have dropped it is important to give your skin extra TLC during the colder months. Rose hip is a fantastic ingredient to help regenerate your skin cells, so combined eating organic whole food nutrition, and other skin steps, this is now staple in my skincare regime.