September As September arrives, so many people including myself have this new found energy from the summer aka “that going back to school feeling we once had as a child”. Whether it’s work or wellness goals, it is the perfect time to set some realistic resolutions and give your life and look an upgrade. For me September is my January, where I get excited for a fresh start, look, try to adopt new habits, drop old ones, and get serious about my goals I pondered on this summer that I want to pursue. In fact where did August go? It just flew right past us.
Last week I chopped my hair, I was almost crying by the end, as I love love loved my long locks, but it got the point, where it was so long, scraggly,and heavy, I felt like repunzal meets cave women, so I thought it was a good time to update my look and also get rid of those horrific split ends that were long over due to split up with me 😉 Anyway’s back to my point, summer is slowly saying good bye to us, September has arrived and there is 4 months left of 2016, so in theory I believe it couldn’t be more of a better time to make these next four months your most fabulous, memorable and yet!

Here are my top 7 tip to fabify your September

1) Hello new hair: I am not saying you need to go take 5 inches off your hair or go bleach blonde, but if you have had the same look for more than 6 months, then why not add some long layers, or natural looking lighter locks. I am a firm believer, that good hair is the most important accessories of any outfit, next to a great smile ;-).. you could be wearing a bin bag, but with amazing hair, it end up looking like a retro L.B.D 😉

2) Fresh faced: A clear complexion with some good make up is the key to glowing looking skin. ( but remember girls, less is more, no cake face, which only adds years to your age and makes you look outdated). Book yourself in for a good purifying, hydrating facial, to scrub off any excess sun screen from your holiday, not to mention reveal a younger, fresher looking new you. Head to your nearest beauty department and perhaps book a makeup consultation to a get natural every day look and and tell them to focus on your favourite feature to stand out for September.

3) Fashionista: So now that you have fabified your hair and face it is time to cover your body in some beautiful, show stopping outfits. Try taking a new approach, experimenting with some new colours, prints and textures, shoes, or accessories… to give you an overall new fresh and fabulous look.

4) Time to say good bye: It is a great time to do a seasonal closet and home clear out this weekend; if you haven’t read Marie kondo’s book “The magic art of tidying” then add this to you’re reading list this week! or the best suggestions I learned was, If you haven’t worn pieces or items in a year, or the piece no longer gives you joy, say goooood bye! Make a list and start with your closet, and work your way down to the living room, books, home office, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, electronics, and beauty products, it may be hard at first but my goodness does it feel good once you have finished! You not only zen your closet but your whole house, just keep in mind if you don’t feel joyful as you go through all of your clothes and house hold items, just throw it away, say goodbye, and move on. A cluttered house = a cluttered mind and vice versa so keep it organised.

5) Make your health your number one priority: by having a predominantly plant based diet, like adding a fresh green juice to your daily regime, and an abundance of veggies to your at least 2 of your meals, you will have more energy, boost your immune system, feel lighter, have better skin and melt fat naturally. Since there are so many things to look forward to these coming months, the last thing you want is to be ill, and nothing is worse than being sick and tired of being sick and tired. So do a kitchen makeover and throw out anything that is processed, full of chemicals, or any foods containing gluten, cows milk, and refined sugar, and fill it with colourful foods, gluten free grains, nuts and seeds, heathy fats, and hydrating liquids. “Your health is your wealth… everything else is a bonus”

6) Sweat it out: Whether you are already a member at a gym, or not, it is time to treat your gym sessions like appointments. Every sunday go through your calendar and pencil in your gym sessions/ or studio classes, aiming for at least 4x / 60 minute work outs. September is also a great month to try something new like spinning, boxing, yoga, barre, pilates, HIT, tennis ect, there are so many dynamic and fun types of ways to work out, you can never be bored! I personally have no interest in the gym, I arrive and by 10 minutes, I’m thinking about what I want for lunch or dinner….so for me, pre booking classes is the key to consistent sweat sessions! I am motivated and look forward to that hour that is solely ME time where I don’t have to think about anything or anyone.

7) Put your goals somewhere visible: Write down your top 5 goals that you want to do by the end of the month, they don’t have to be big ones, but smart, realistic and attainable. Here are mine 1) Conduct consolations with new clients at the clinic 2) Book a new client(s) for a private cooking session 3) Set aside some time for my health, beauty and cookbook bible 4) Finalise, edit, and film my online nutritional cooking course to launch for autumn 5) Only say yes to people, opportunities, and events that matter to me, as I need to put all my energy over the coming months and year(S) into my business. This is a great exercise to do monthly; write your goals down somewhere you can see daily for a gentle reminder and checking at the end if you have done them, if so, go and reward your self with a new pair of shoes, or an afternoon at the spa..:-) Do this monthly and watch those dreams become a reality!

“A Dream written down with a date becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan, a plan backed by action makes your dreams come true”

Ashley xoxo