As a wellness enthusiast and holistic health advocate, I will forever be on this journey to improving my life and share it with those around me, I am on mission to eat and feel my best today and every day, and when I know I’m eating and feeling amazing, I’m living and looking my best too. Feeling well is not just about the food we put in our mouth or the vigorous workouts at the gym, feeling balanced, beautiful, happy and healthy is a whole formula, and sometimes, struggles, and stress can take over and life is not so smooth sailing, so indulging in a treatment aka a little bit of self care could just be the answer to help you boost your overall sense of wellbeing.

For me wellness is the state of being in fabulous physical, emotional, and spiritual health, that beautiful balance between mind, body and spirit. So it is vital we make self care a number one priority and finding ways to suit your life style to optimise and boost your health and wellbeing.

“Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness.”

Acupuncture: I have been dabbling with acupuncture on and off for years now, however I decided to implement weekly sessions into my wellness regime to help balance out hormones and give my fertility a healthy boost; as my husband and I decided that we are ready to grow our family. The doctor usually checks your tongue and your pulse rate, after his assessment he will treat and locate the meridians that need more attention. Acupuncture targets specific points of the body that need some extra attention, or if something is feeling slightly off,  it can help balance that specific area out. “TCM practitioners believe that there is a flow, known as “qi” or “chi,” that is located in certain “meridians” throughout the body. Chi is thought to be what separates the sick from the healthy — and when chi is not balanced, illness, pain, poor sleep, and fatigue can all occur.”

Hypnotherapy: I had heard of hypnotherapy several times in my life from friends and family who went to help them stop smoking or lose weight, however having recently experienced some grief in my life a couple months back, my beautiful friend Fiona Lamb who is one the top hypnotherapists in London,  informed me that I could listen to a audio version ( as I was not in the country at that time) so I began my audio sessions with the hope it would help heal me emotionally and mentally after my feelings of loss and sadness; my first time listening to her session, I woke up feeling fresh, with a deep sense of faith, positivity, and assurance that everything is ok, and will be ok and still to this day I try to listen at least once a week.  I could not recommend  hypnotherapy more, it not only helps ease anxiety and depression, but helps you reduce weight, fight insomnia, stop smoking, help with fears and phobias, grief after miscarriage and unblock any negative thoughts that may be preventing pregnancy. Fiona lamb also does Skype sessions for those who are not London based, and I would highly recommend her if you are need some extra help in any of the areas above listed.

Massages: Ok, if my husband is reading this right now, he probably is chuckling in his chair, on this suggestion, as he teases me for being such a massage queen aka spa junkie…. he will be like “ didn’t you just have one the other day “… um yep.. guilty!, if I could, I would have them a few times a week…… perhaps I should be based in Thailand for those reasons LOL, as they are amazing and extremely affordable ( hence why I had one almost every day when was there for almost a month, 6 years, ago.. 10$ for a one hour deep tissue, no joke.)  There is something soothing about having that one hour to simply switch off and let go of all the noise in your head, while having someone rub away all the worries, tension and stress that can get built up over time. Although I meditate, practise yoga often, and use essential oils to help ease stress and balance out my wellbeing, living in a big city, having my own wellness website, writing a book, being a good wife, a loyal friend, a supportive daughter,  a kind sister, a caring pug mum, running our home, and managing my health, requires time and effort, so that one hour for me, and the massage is and always be one of my favourite self care remedies. Even a couple times a month can do wonders for your overall health wellbeing.

Reiki: So I have been meaning to book a reiki session for ages now, since one of my favourite yoga teachers in Notting hill, Emily spriggs informed me about it a couple years ago. After writing this post, I promise you, I will do so before the end of the year, and come back on this, however I have only heard amazing things about the holistic therapy, and what I have heard from other clients and reiki goers, is they felt more relaxed, balanced, less anxious, more self aware, and expanded from within, so I am excited to try out a session very soon!

 To experience vibrant health and beautiful wellbeing, requires a diet dominated by plant-based nutrition,  a positive mindset, setting a side time for self-care, slowing down, mediation and daily movement.  Put yourself first, so you can give all other areas of your life 110% of you. Self care is not selfish it is self-less.

Ashley xoxo