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 Nutrition and lifestyle support to optimise your health, natural beauty and wellbeing

Get in touch to book a consultation at Dermavita clinic or a home visit.

Dermavita: An innovative skin, health and beauty clinic

0207 368 1654

58-60 Kensington Church St, London home

Home visit:

South Kensington

020 3380 7552

07894 043 844

Simply send me a message below in the contact form or directly to my email. 

Prices: Consultations

1 hour Consultation at Dermavita clinic or home – £175

Follow-up Consultation (45 minutes) – £125

Online consulations: £100

Follow up: £95

  • To establish a clear understanding of the health history along with the client’s health goals, concerns, dietary habits and current lifestyle.
  • Determine which program is best suited to you and your health goals.
  • Learn more about AshFab nutrition
  • Areas of focus is weight-loss, digestion disorders, skin health and optimizing the overall feeling of optimal wellness.
  • If you are not London based please get in touch but below to arrange online consulations with myself.
  • See the foods to avoid and eat, suggested supplements, and products to invest for optimal health wellness and natural beauty.


To find out more about private cooking, grocery store tours, kitchen makeovers, meal planning, organic 1-3 day cleanses, or F.a.b 5  aka * Fabulous. amazing and beautiful from the inside out* weekly wellness kit which includes five / 500 ml organic juices made with at least 5 servings of  veggies, and five Elixir of life shots, from my door to your desk…for a nutrient packed/ super healthy snack and shot.

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