finalmailToday on my “Fabulous females feature” is the beautiful, Christine Michelle Kolmegies. Christine is one of my best friends who has shared a similar wellness journey to myself over the past 5 years, we have not only had good times and giggles galore, but also have been together on a similar path.  Not only is she one of coolest, kindest, creative souls I know but she is also savvy, sexy and knows her sh** when it comes to contemporary conscious living.  I am truly blessed to have her in my life. 

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1. Describe yourself? 

I am Christine Michelle Kolmegies. I’m a soul living a human experience. I am a charismatic individual with a very open mind, it even gets me past myself sometimes, and I love to laugh. 😉
I am a creator and a visionary. I use my artistic talent to design- in fashion, graphics, and I am becoming a better photographer/director everyday. By day, I am a creative director and entrepreneur in the luxury and wellness industry. At the moment, I have a couple of releases I’m cooking up. #YESSHEIS #YESHEIS

2. What inspired you to launch S|HE IS – She Is, He Is?

S|HE IS will be and is a conglomerate of work in which I will be releasing each part of it’s development to the public in different stages. It started off as S|HE IS STUDIO ( my boutique branding agency in luxury and wellness. Then, this February I finally launched the Main Mecca as I like to call it, S|HE IS or
After my spiritual awakening in 2014, I was able to identify that my life journey thus far has been divinely guided to contribute to the creation of S|HE IS. My true inspiration comes from simple belief that we have the power to change the planet; the way we live, the way we think and treat one another. By sharing information that returns us back to the truth.
They say if you can’t find it, create it. So I did, and I am. S|HE IS will be exploring conscious living through people, products, and experiences. It all sounds so mysterious but it’s all part of my creative release as an artist, designer and conscious creator. That’s why you all have to STAY TUNE in real time, in the present NOW to see what I’m doing through my social channels such as

3. What are 3 tips to live more consciously? 
The first step is that you must realize it’s a shift in the way you think and want to perceive the world around you. Practice living in awareness is a state of being. I call this the starter pack-

My 3 tips to live more consciously are:

Breathe: Learn to breathe, take full deep breaths to slow down when you can. Our breathe is our life force. By honouring it throughout the day at different times and noticing the earth and world around you things seem to slow down.
Meditate: Making space in the mind to create more room for the source and God force within all of us to speak to you from within.
Mindfulness: Watch your thoughts, words and your actions by aligning them with who you truly are. By creating this type of awareness you will continue to grow into your highest-self.

4. What does spirituality mean for you and is it important?
I feel connected to everything and that everything is connected. It’s actually represented in the name of my logo. S|HE IS. The | between the “s” and the “h” is my symbol for “the oneness”. That SHE and HE is in fact connected and we are one. For me, spirituality is an exploration of truth, energy and perceiving the world around you through the idea of connectivity. Spirituality is a way of connecting with self and by getting to know oneself you are connecting with God, the Creator/the Source/Universe. By recognising you are a co-creator in your life, you begin

5. What defines a S|HE IS person? 
A S|HE IS person is someone who aspires to inspire by living life with definite purpose, meaning they are living their life to their truest existence. They have found out what makes them happy and have taken action to achieve it without taking ‘no’ for an answer. They live in full awareness that living consciously is a luxury. They are always searching for the best from the best by the best.

6. How important is yoga and mediation to you? 
Yoga and meditation is part of my life long practice. I took yoga teacher’s training a couple years ago and I’m getting back into the swing of things with my latest collaboration I’m launching with @thinc_ ! I will be releasing 5 Hatha classes online on the fundamentals of asana’s (poses). Our intention is to give people a better understanding of connecting to their breath, alignment in their body and benefits of each pose. This is to help them prepare for meditation since people often have a hard time settling into it. These short 10 min classes with me will do the trick!

7. What is a typical day of eating for you?
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. In the mornings, my motto is “ONE DRINK IS NEVER ENOUGH”. I alkaline the body with lemon water and I take my vitamins. I usually make a shake with almond milk and fruits and I add different types of super-foods in the blend; ie. chlorella, vega powder, greens, bee pollen, chia seeds, moringa. Then, my last drink is a black Americano with a teaspoon of coconut oil before I leave the house. I’m trying to switch over to Matcha Green Tea in the mornings, but it hasn’t been working. I love espresso too much!
Lunch or dinner is usually healthy and clean. I am a pescatarian. I don’t eat fish or from the sea everyday, but I usually enjoy it the most when I’m out for dinner. I make sure my dishes are usually colourful with lots of vegetables and vegetable protein. I also love juicing and have a couple of those throughout the week!

8. What is your favourite quote?
“What you seek is seeking you .”- Rumi
And, I often remind myself this part from the Desiderata- “In all it’s shame and drudgery, the world is still a beautiful place!”

9.  Three  favourite books that made a difference in your life?
Conversations with God
Yoga of Discipline
The Secret of the Ages

10.Describe yourself in 3 words?



11. Star sign?
Pisces Star Sign, Aries Moon, Gemini Ascendent

12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself between LA & TORONTO. All of my projects on S|HE IS continuously rolling along each year smoothly. A series of children’s book with my illustrations. Teaching some yoga classes in retreats and I will have a show that I’ve been planning with one of my best friend’s on Season 3, and possibly a toddler if blessed.

13. Where will be your next destination?
I’m actually off to LA in April and Jamaica in May. In Jamaica, I will be heading off to a wellness retreat with @thinc_ for @tmrw.tdy, a wellness and conscious festival!

14. Favourite city break?
LONDON… of course.

15. Favourite beach break?

16. What is one fabulous thing you want to happen this year? 
The one fabulous thing I want to happen to this year is to launch my 10 year over night success story. It’s the biggest and longest project I’ve been working on… stay tuned!!!
Oh, and a little art exhibition I have in-store for you all.

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Thank you so much Christine for stopping by Ashfab Nutrition, I cannot wait to follow your journey!  Learn more about S|HE IS :