As wellness trends seem to come and go, “healthy diets” emerge, and more food and flavours fill our fridge and pantry each year, some stick with you and some go. Last year brought us IV treatments, cupping, and soup cleansing, this year is a mix of inside out health.

So here are six trends to look out for in 2017 when it comes to health, fitness, food, and wellness.

1) Anti-inflammatory food: As book shelves and social media seem to bombard us with more and more diets, detox remedies and “ clean eating” recipes, this can feel like information overload, very overwhelming and complicated meals that are way to time consuming to make. So now it is about getting back to basics, and learning to focus on inflammation fighting foods to help combat accelerated again, and illness. Symptoms like acne, rashes, arthritis, back pain, belly fat and bloating, are all associated with inflammation. So try to consume an abundance of leafy greens, berries, legumes, sweet veggies, and citrus fruit on a daily basis.  A great way to get at least 7 servings a day through is through fresh smoothies, fresh juices, salads, soups, sides and snacks.

2) Essential oils: I started using essential oils this autumn, and am totally hooked! I have them on my desk, and next to my bed ready to use at its dispense. Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties, which helps to improve physical, mental and emotional health. Each oil and scent bring different benefits; living in a fast paced city like London, requires, energy, managing stress, and getting plenty of sleep. Citrus scents like wild orange are energising, uplifting, and invigorating,  geranium helps you ease stress, feel more balanced and focus, while lavender is very soothing, and relaxing right before bed. Look out for health shops, or a brand like doTERRA, which a great guide for oils suited of you. They smell amazing and are so easy to use, you won’t know how you managed with out them.

3) Reiki: You may of heard of reiki but are not entirely sure what it is and the benefits it comes with.  Reiki is an amazing holistic system of energy healing that will help you feel more balanced, connected and joyous from within.  Originating from Japan it is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and balance. With regular sessions, other health and wellbeing benefits include, having more energy, reducing anxiety and stress, balancing your energy chakras, and crating a more positive outlook on life. I say YES to this! 

4) Zingy ingredients: Turmeric and ginger are trending flavours this year and add a bit zing to your drinks and dishes with many health benefits. Turmeric is a potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti- viral ingredient; a great way to include in your health regime is adding a generous pinch to warm water, raw honey, ginger and fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning for a detoxifying, energising, nourishing, metabolism boosting start to your day. Ginger is a multipurpose ingredient, from fighting nausea, balancing blood sugar levels, curbing cravings, fighting infections, easing joint pain, and aiding digestion. For a mega flavour and nutrient rich drink combine ginger, lemon, turmeric, raw honey, black pepper, warm water and apple cider vinegar upon waking for a natural medicinal wellness shot. ” A shot a day will keep the doctor a way”.

5) Sober living:  I am as indulgent as I am disciplined, have a predominantly plant based diet, and do some form of exercise every day, however I also love a cheese burger and enjoy wine :-).  Not having a drop of alcohol during my seven week detox has been quite an eye opener for me! My focus, concentration, mood and energy levels are flying! This not to say I’m going to not drink again! “No way”! but I am definitely going to make it much more occasional, and also arrange more social activities with friends around non drinking activities. Living in places like London you could literally drink every day,  as there is always something social going on here! Head out for some wellness shots, try a new fitness class, or check out a new healthy eating hangout for less temptations. Sober living does not mean it has to be full time, but add more sober days, to crowd out drinking days, and you will enjoy that wine much more when you do indulge. . Moderation and a balanced life is the key feeling healthy and happy. If you feel like you have had one to many on the weekend, simply add more green juices, water, and plants the following days, for a retox/ detox remedy.

6) Mindfulness: The big M words seems to be floating around a lot these days, but what is mindfulness exactly? Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts, actions and feelings, and making conscious choices to support your heath and wellness. It is simply about staying present, being here now, and not dwelling on the past, or fretting the future. Not living in a present state brings up feelings of worry, doubt, fear, anger, and stress. By adding mediation to your daily regime ( check out Deepak Chopra/ and Oprah guides or headspace)  will help you be more mindful in your day to day living. Paying more attention to the present moment, your own thoughts and feelings, can improve your mental health and wellbeing in a big way.

Healthy living became a huge trend over the last year,  which is definitely a positive thing! but for me wellness is a state of being in amazing physical, emotional and spiritual health, that beautiful balance between mind, body and spirit. So make sure your giving your self lots of love in all three areas to help you feel and look your best this year.

Ashley xoxo