Bloating, a word that seems to be popping up more and more these days…literally.  An uncomfortable feeling of swelling and tightness around your abdomen area, almost like there is a balloon inside you that has blown up, and your ready to pop.  It is one of the most common complaints among society today.  Most people go undiagnosed for years, relying on pain medications and pills, that in fact cause havoc on your digestion.  Having lived with Crohn’s disease for twenty two years now, I am the queen of debloating 🙂

Living a life that involves social engagements, hopping on airplanes, and attending parties, I make sure I am prepared for the occasion and day to day living.   

Get off the gluten: Although some say it seems to be more of a trend to follow and cut gluten; even if there seems to be no sign of a sensitivity or allergy.  Gluten is a mixture of two proteins present in wheat, barley, rye and oats. It is responsible for the elastic texture of dough which is very hard on your digestion and difficult to break down, leading to bloat. Try cutting out gluten for 4 weeks and choose GF grains like amaranth, buckwheat, rice (brown, white, wild), millet, quinoa, teff and look out for GF whole grain breads, there are so many on the market these days, just make sure they are not loaded with sugar.  Once you have a removed it for a while, of course, it is normal to enjoy that pizza or pasta when your out for dinner or on holiday, however if you can eliminate it most of the time and save it for special occasions you will feel so much better!  There is so many ways to swap it for G.F options and learning to get creative in the kitchen! 

Ditch the cows milk:  Cow’s milk, aka the culprit of bloating.  Ever indulged in that big ice cream sundae on a date with your partner or pals, and decide to its share the desert,  when suddenly minutes after taking your first bite, your jeans feel so tight it is uncomfortable to sit and stare anymore.  Most people cannot digest milk because of lactose, where undigested sugars end up in your colon fermenting, leading to bloating and cramping.  Swap to almond, rice or hemp milk and look for dairy free alternatives to cheese and yogurts, it will make a huge difference…on your dates or dinners with girl friends.  Moderates amount of goats milk is high in protein, much easier to digest and a good option when you fancy a bit of cheese!

Get that bowel moving:  Often people think that going to the “toilet” a few times a week is normal, well having been on both sides of the spectrum, frequent trips to less frequent, I can relate really well to the less frequent, when I lived in Italy for a year and had a diet full of pizza, pasta, and gelato,  let me tell you I felt like one big turkey gobbling/hobbling around Milan. Constipation is not only a silent killer, but its biggest symptom is constant bloating. If this sounds like you, try out a 4  day juice cleanse to help your bowels start moving and working again, and make sure to include loads of fresh produce at least 7-9 servings a day from soups, salads,  snacks, smoothies, super juices in your daily diet,  also drink aloe vera juice, take magnesium oxygen daily, and most importantly sip on hydrating liquids like purified water, herbal teas, and fresh juices.  Drink at least half your weight in ounces and make sure you are doing daily trips to the toilet..  Bye bye bloat, hello flat tummy.

Bye bye bad bacteria:  Supplementing with premium probiotic aka good bacteria has profound effects on your digestion, it will help balance out the bacteria in your gut,  otherwise if its out of whack, bloating definitely occurs.  So hello flat tummy.  Invest in a good one and take it daily, it will have a significant effect on your digestion, and help banish bloat.

Pop the bubble belly: Peppermint teas is one of my go to herbal teas that not only is refreshing, tasty and invigorating but extremely good for de-puffing and beating bloat.  It is a great drink any time of the day, but if you are feeling more bloated than usual, make a potent pot of peppermint tea, ( around 3-4 bags)  sip within the hour and continue a few times more that day. Watch the swelling go.

Book in for a colonic:  If you have suffered from bloating, discomfort  and general tummy troubles for a long period of time, I would suggest booking in a colonic treatment at with a trained therapist, to help really give your colon a good clean, remove all that bad bacteria, and boost your overall gut health.  When you have a good gut health, you are able to assimilate and absorb nutrients much better, which is beneficial for your overall health, wellbeing and beauty.

Chew your food slowing: This is a very important factor in helping you feel less bloated and uncomfortable.  It is really important to chew your food thoroughly and simply slowing down when you are eating your meals.   I am always perplexed when out for lunch or dinner with someone, while I am still not even half way through mine, and they have wolfed it down not even coming up for air in between! Taking your time to enjoy the taste and flavours, and being mindful of that moment is both meditative and nourishing for your digestion!  It helps break down your food better.. when you chew very well, and eat very slow! Next time you begin your meal, start by be being grateful for the food on your plate, and simply taking your time to enjoy that moment and meal to the very last bite! Not only will it do your body and bloat good, but you will feel fuller quicker! One thing I have noticed over years of studying nutrition and seeing clients who often struggle with keeping the weight off,  is they eat about 2x as much as they need to, or should I say the portions are huge, and they eat about 2x as fast, barely coming up for air! Start to slow down, chew well, and eat off smaller plates if it helps, you will notice a big difference in the bloating area, as you are not putting so much stress on your digestion.

Extra good stuff: To really help you beat that bloat and maxmize a healkthy diet of lots of platn, 400 mg of magnesium citrate or oxygen, with night spray, large glass of pure aloe vera juice a day, and healthy fats from coocnut oil, avocado or cold pressed oils in yoru salad to help move the fibre swiftly in your bowel.

“Eat more plants, eat smaller portions, move your body daily, and slow down at meal times” Ashley  Siedentopf 

Ashley xoxo