As much as there is tons of info on glowing skin, a slim waistline or a toned bum, there isn’t a great deal, I have seen on brain health, so I thought would talk about ways to boost your brain power which will help your mood and memory today and in the long run, as we all want to feel eternally youthful right ;-)?
These are very important things that require us to be productive in our areas of life ( career, relationship, physical activity, and spirituality).. if we are grumpy, snappy, moody, anxious, forgetful, foggy, and frazzled, well a day will look a heck of a lot different as oppose to being upbeat, energetic, positive, clear minded, switched on, focused, and mindful. With an an alert, energetic mood and mind, you will make better choices in your day to day living, or in other words, good mood = good choices, poor mood = poor choices.

Here are my top brain boosting tips to protect and preserve.

1) Drink pure veggie juice on a daily basis: this will give you a plethora of vitamins, minerals in anti-oxidants in one gulp, your brain needs all the vitamins and minerals to keep it functioning optimally as much as your body does. So either prepare your own, find a local bar that you can go to daily or get delivered 1-2 x a week for your convenience.
2) Stock up on blue and black berries: these little bite size fruits are the king of brain food, they are rich in anti-oxidants A,C, and E which fight oxidation caused by pollution, toxins, chemicals, junk food, and too much sun exposure, as well as omega 3 which is very important for brain health. By adding them to you’re morning smoothies, or eating them as snacks, a couple of portions a day will give you a fab amount of brain nourishment.
3) Consume an Omega 3 rich diet: from fish, to avocados, nuts and seeds, omega 3 fatty acids are vital for optimal brain health, many people are deficient, resulting in anything from depression, to dementia, Omega-3 fats build new cell membranes, reduce brain inflammation, and promote new brain cell formation. TO maximise the benefits of an omega 3 rich diet combine it with a high quality omega 3 supplement. Not only will you boost your brain health, but you will also lower inflammation in your body and reveal younger looking skin. A win win solution.
4)  Eternal student: Never stop learning, trying new things, reading often, taking up new hobbies, and connecting with others. Flex your  brain muscles and continuing to develop your brain on a daily basis; cut down on TV time, go tuck into some intellectual books, or expand your horizons with a creative work shop. Learning new things, connecting with with friends,and constantly reading uplifting and interesting books will keep you sharp, switched on, and give your brain a good life span.
5) Don’t forget your vitamin B’s: b is so so important in your daily diet as well as taking an additional supplement like a Vitamin B 100 complex. Vitamin b rich foods include poultry, eggs, spirulina, chorella, fish, and gluten free whole grains like rice, oatmeal, quinoa and bread.

By making sure you are getting enough brain nourishment with brain boosting foods, the adequate amount of brain enhancing supplements, connecting with others, and doing daily brain exercises, you will ultimately protect, boost and optimise your brain health. So you feel sharp, switched on, and super happy. You cannot have healthy body without a healthy brain and vice versa. So don’t forget to pay attention to this part of your body, it will thank you today and years down the road.

Ashley xoxo