How many times have you woken up with a throbbing headache, and dry mouth, from a consumption of one to many cocktails or glasses of wine with friends?

Hey, I’m no saint, and have had my share of “wtf” morning moments of “one too many”, however as I got older and wiser… or wilder j.k, – I try to be a bit more mindful with my consumption… when I’m out, I make sure to drink gallons of water if I’m on the tipple before, during and after ( coconut water is also my best friend for its ultra hydrating/ potassium benefits) 

That isn’t to say I’m the hangover professional, but as I’m on this wellness journey, I have discovered some incredible ingredients out there, that not only give you a natural high but have a plethora of health and beauty benefits, I mean how fab is that? A buzz, and beauty benefits without that horrible hangover?! Um hello!!!

So today I wanted to share my top secret remedies if I have a social engagement but decide to skip the booze, or have sip on very little, and will simply drink the health tonic before I head out on the town or event, so I arrive high and happy naturally 🙂

Here are my top 5 picks! 

Me so Maca: in a blender mix coconut water, 1.5 tbsp of Maca powder, and 2 handfuls of organic berries. Maca is a vitality booster, energy enhancer, performance promoter, and mental and focus strengthener, combined with the mood boosting berries, and ultra hydrating coconut water,  you will be bursting with happiness after this blend! My go to brand is Primrose kitchen, which also has some other great super food ingredients in it.

Krazy for kombucha: So I discovered kombucha a couple of years ago in Malibu at Sun-life organics, where it seemed to be the norm to have in every health cafe and super market! After trying many brands, my favourite was healthade in that is stocked in the states and jarrkombucha in London. Kombucha is a fermented tea aka mega health tonic, bursting with mood boosting vitamin b’s, enzymes, and gut healing probiotics, which leaves you with lots of energy, an elevated mood, and a big buzz! Plus it feels like you are drinking a slightly naughty drink with the taste, texture and fizz, but its not! Now only if they can start stocking in bars and restaurants for a healthier option if your out and about 🙂 Try sipping one while your getting ready to arrive buzzing and beautiful!

Spirulina shot: Spirulina is a type of super food that comes from algae, which is 60% protein and a fabulous source of vitamins, skin loving A, age defying K1, K2, B12 and iron, manganese and chromium, that helps with energy, and your nervous system. What I discovered is when I mix a generous table spoon with a small glass of fresh orange juice, within half an hour, I have gone from feeling blah to brilliant in minutes! The combo of the superfood mixed with a vitamin C rich drink is absorbed much quicker when combined together, which helps assimilate the vitamins and minerals faster into your blood stream, leaving you feeling fabulous before heading out!

Acai berries:  I got hooked on acai bowls in 2013, when I went to Brazil and discovered it was a staple in their diets! Which doesn’t surprise me with all the samba moving that goes on there…which requires a lot of energy! Acai is highly energising, and mood boosting, plus it combats oxidation and curbs cravings! Also rich in vitamin A, B,  and manganese. My favourite is blending some organic leafy greens, mixed organic berries, almond milk, and acai berries, you can also buy in powder form now if you cannot source the frozen stuff! Your not only ready to go dancing, but it will help curb those naughty cravings for late night fast food while your out.

So next time you need a bit of a boost before heading out and want to go easy on the tipple! Try one of these natural remedies, your health, beauty and body will thank you for it! 

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Ashley xoxo