As summer approaches us, many of you are already counting down for your vacation to arrive.. dreaming of long days at the beach, Pina colada’s at the pool, and simply just letting your hair down, and switching off from day to day normal activities at home.
One thing though that gives you that pre holiday feeling, is arriving like you have already had a cheeky sun fix a week before 😉 … recently just having spent some time in Malibu, I did not want to arrive looking like a transparent, washed out, ghost, especially standing next to all the girls rocking that California tan! I not only had my own pre tan routine, a best friend who visited me (Meg), introduced me to something that got me glowing, which turbo boosted my bronze look by the time I came back to London….. now this will be my pre vacation prep steps. which will now be part of my pre vacation prepping!

Here are the tops tops to look like a glowing goddess! 
1) Exfoliate: Before you add all the self tan components to your pre holiday prepping it is vital to exfoliate your skin before applying the creams! Exfoliation get’s rid of dead skin cells that will make your skin feel fresh, soft and smooth as well as maximise the absorption of your tanning products. Although there is many fab exfoliators out there, I love mixing organic coconut oil, and himalayan sea salt for a mega moisturiser meets scrub, that will give your skin that luminous sheer sun kissed look. You will only need to exfoliate 2x the week before, as it will also strip away the colour, so do it the the firs time and and the night before you go away.

2) Gradual self tan: I would advise you to start using a gradual self tan moisturiser before step 3 which is going to really amplify that that beautiful glow! Using the gradual tan a week or 2 before will not only give you those extra skin loving benefits, but give a that little boost of bronze, which is what you will need before the next step. The gradual fabulous tan by Vita Liberata is truly fabulous plus compliments the 3rd step perfectly!


“Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion is the perfect everyday body lotion, your skin couldn’t feel and look healthier if you tried! It enhances, hydrates, builds and prolongs any tan, giving the easiest daily glow.”

3)  Vita Liberata  1o minute tan: ok so this is what one of my best friends Megan Russo recently gifted me when we met up in Malibu; and having tried and tested loads of “ self tan products” this has to be the holy grail of instant tan aka “ I look like I have been on holiday really for a week look”.  After my first use, I thought to myself, finally a instant tan that gives you results it claims! you can also adjust the colour to your preference, leave on for ten minutes if you just want that sun kissed golden glow, or leave it for 20-3o minutes for the ultimate deep dark tan. Your skin is always left supple and soft, without smelling like that icky tanning creme, this literally is the best “fake tan” I have ever used! To really look like you that golden goddess, apply a couple times a week also while you are on holiday under your spa sun creme, then wash off, re apply your UVB.

4) Body oil: To maximise the your sun kissed look, I love nothing more than using luxurious body oil spray’s that are beautiful scented, light weight, and ultra hydrating, which is what your skin needs when you are in the hot heat! There are 2 brands I love that both have skincare benefits but slightly different ingredients and scents. So I like go between the two, Nuxe dry body oil; which is a multipurpose product that you can use for face, body and hair, and simply smells divine. Secondly the other brand that I adore but can only order on line here in London, is Sun Bum spray, that I discovered 2 years ago in Necker island, which Richard Branson had sparingly around his home for his guests… and having just been in L.A, I made sure to stock up when I saw it at Malibu farm, not only super cheap, but it smells like summer, leaves your skin glistening, glowing and oh so smooth, plus it has a easy to hair spray like applicator! me likey.



So as summer is just around the corner, why not start your pre vacation prep sooner than later, so you are glowing and beaming on the beach not a transparent milk bottle

Ashley xoxo